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There’s a lot to consider. Grant Acceptance. Elections. Broker Accounts. Retirement Eligibility. Tax set-ups. Performance Goals. International. Terminations. Mobility. Deferrals. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Release prep is like herding cats. Quiet the chaos. Step towards the light, and our panelists, and accept your Release Prep Checklists. You will experience a sense of order, inner peace and clarity that only the most organized Stock Plan Professionals can achieve.

This webcast will demonstrate how to use checklists along with your equity plan software’s Pending Lapse reports to conquer the complexity and slow the moving parts.  And if your company is granting restricted stock units with acceleration or continued vesting available at retirement, this webcast will also show how essential a strong checklist can be in managing the expense, tax and 409A implications.

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