6039 Reporting Solutions

Since the implementation of IRS Code 6039, we have kept hundreds of companies in compliance and delivered over a million participant statements; always on time and always audited for accuracy.

Challenges You Face

Lack of 6039 Manager

We provide expert knowledge and best practices in Forms 3921 and 3922 filing to ensure your company’s compliance.

Approaching Deadlines

Our 6039 process is organized and efficient, to ensure form filing within IRS deadlines.

6039 Reporting Features

Dedicated Project Manager

Your project manager coordinates the project from start to finish

Secure File Transfer

We provide secure and easy transfer of sensitive participant data

Data Audits

Our rigorous audits ensure errors are corrected before statements are mailed or data is filed with the IRS

Aggregated Transactions

Our 3921 and 3922 Substitute Statements allow us to display multiple transactions onto a single statement. This allows us to mail fewer pages per participant – saving time and money – and reduce participant confusion

IRS E-Filing

We can submit the file to the IRS on your behalf (eliminating the need for you to obtain a TCC from the IRS). We can also transmit the E-File to you to submit via the IRS FIRE website.

Unique Account Numbers Created (for Corrections)

Our 6039 application assigns a unique account number to each transaction. This allows us to identify transactions that need to be corrected after the E-file is submitted to the IRS.

Subsidiaries and “Box 6”

We will isolate subsidiaries with ISO transactions and ensure Box 6 on Form 3921 is properly reflected and reported.

Data Control at Project Completion

Our process includes data destruction and applicable shredding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle disqualifying dispositions?

Yes, we also offer disqualifying dispositions surveys and mailing, it is an option that can be selected on our standard contract.

How does your pricing structure work for handling 6039 services?

We have a standard upfront data collection and fulfillment cost and a variable mailing cost per participant mailings.

Can 3921 and 3922 forms be bundled together for mailing?

 Yes, we can combine the forms under one envelope to mail to your participants, this cuts down on the variable mailing cost for those participants.

What Our Clients Say

“I am very pleased with the level of service. Each year, the process is organized and efficient and everything goes smoothly. Great job!”


“A very well streamlined process with excellent support and guidance from kick off to filing. Thank you!”


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